Deputies investigating report of loose buffalo

Photo by kconnors via

Photo by kconnors via

At about 8:36 a.m., sheriff’s deputies are responding to a report of loose buffalo along Highway K.

Per dispatch: A caller reported see several buffalo move by their yard in about the 23000 block of Highway K along the border between Brighton and Salem.

UPDATE 8:45 a.m. — Deputy has located 9 buffalo heading eastbound from Highway EW along Highway K. Representatives of the owners of the animals are along with one deputy to assist to rounding them up.

UPDATE 9:04 a.m. — Went out to see if I could get a photo of the fugitive buffalo. I could not locate them. A deputy who had seen them earlier said they walked south from their previous location along Highway K into some woods south of there.

UPDATE 9:49 a.m. — Per dispatch: Latest sighting 23400 block of 60th Street.

UPDATE 11:05 a.m. — Sheriff’s Department sends out an automated call regarding the buffalo/bison. It says about 17 in all got loose. People are cautioned when driving in the area of Highways EW and K. People who see the bison are asked to call the non-emergency dispatch line at 653-6600. They also are asked not to approach the animals.


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