Ground hog day storm redux? Maybe

Art by Agata Urbaniak via stock.xchng

Art by Agata Urbaniak via stock.xchng

Some news outlets that cover weather are starting to hype the idea that our area will be hit with a big snowstorm Tuesday.

The timing would be eerie. The last time we had a really, really big snow was also Feb 1- 2 but in 2011.

The National Weather Service is currently guarded about the prospects. Full details here from the NWS office in Sullivan, but in summary:

Of course, what everybody wants to know is if this will bring us a big snowstorm. Nobody can answer that with any kind of certainty at this point since the storm has a long way to go and many things can change. The current forecast track is favorable for snow somewhere over the western Great Lakes. There will be a transition zone of mixed wintry precipitation on the southern edge of the precipitation shield that is always tricky to forecast, even right up to the start of the event (remember the December 28th storm last month in Milwaukee?). It’s even more challenging 7 days out. :)”


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