Silver Lake Trustee Chris Willkomm resigns; replacement method undecided

Note: Darren Hillock contributed to this report.

Silver Lake Trustee Chris Willkomm has resigned his seat on the Village Board, citing personal and work-related reasons.

Village President Bruce Nopenz made the announcement at a special Village Board meeting Wednesday. Here’s video:

Nopenz said he had received the resignation letter just before he read it out loud at the meeting. He said the board would further consider the matter at the next Village Board meeting.

How to fill board vacancies has been a point of controversy in the recent past in Silver Lake.

Trustee Barb Ironside resigned from the board in October 2011, but was reappointed to the board when she expressed interest in rejoining the board.

Following the April 2013 election, Soti Wilber was appointed to fill Sue Gerber’s seat when Gerber, a sitting trustee, won the village president race. Gerber recommended the next highest vote getter in the April election receive the appointment, but that idea found no support on the board and Wilber was approved by a 4 to 1 vote with Gerber voting against and Ironside abstaining, but not stating her reason for abstaining. Wilber had received the least votes of six candidates for trustee in the April election.

When Trustee David Snow resigned in June 2013, the board appointed Paul Snellen to fill the seat after soliciting letters of interest, snubbing the official suggestion of President Sue Gerber to appoint Laura Starkey.

In October 2013, Ironside resigned again. At first, it looked like the seat would be filled by special election. Resident Bruce Francart also proposed that the board enact an ordinance for filling vacancies with the next highest vote getter in the most recent election, if that person was interested in serving, but that proposal was not acted on by the board. Ultimately Sabrina Moran was appointed to the open seat in December 2013 by a 4-2 vote after a 3 to 3 vote to appoint another person failed to win a majority.


One Comment

  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    This should not be a very controversial decision. The LAST 4 open seats were filled by the board APPOINTING an interested individual. The board should keep that option available to them and exercise their right to appoint a new member.
    End of story.

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